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Team Centennial

The sole objective of this team is to facilitate global coordination; to support and collaborate with various devotees – individuals or groups – to make their offerings for the centennial.

To begin with, this team comprises:

Global Coordinators: Sripad BV Tridandi Svami & Sriman Vishnu Prabhu

Media Advisors: Ambarisa Dasa & Lavang Manjari Dasi

Financial Advisor: Visvambhar Dasa

Indian Core Team:

- Sripad BV Siddhanti Maharaja

- Sripad BV Mahavira Maharaja

- Sriman Radhanatha Prabhu (Chief Coordinator)

- Sriman Ramacandra Prabhu

- Sriman Amal Krsna Prabhu

- Sriman Rohininandana Prabhu

- Sriman Vamsivadana Prabhu

Information about other regional and national teams will be added as they are formed

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