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Worldwide Initiatives for Centennial 2021

Updated: Aug 17, 2019

The year 2021 marks the centennial celebration, the 100th divine appearance of our most beloved Srila Gurudeva – Sri Srila Bhaktivedanta Narayana Gosvami Maharaja. A time to celebrate as well as reflect upon the priceless teachings we received and imbibed from him and our commitment to keep his legacy alive. 

Over the past year, devotees have been discussing about making this most glorious and rare event, a most memorable one. During the Sri Navadvipa dhama parikrama 2019, many senior devotees enthusiastically agreed upon working cohesively to organize major initiatives worldwide throughout 2021 to showcase the unparalleled contribution of Srila Gurudeva in the realm of pure bhakti. Srila Gurudeva’s centennial is a great opportunity to put his teachings on the global map for posterity. 

Watch the Centennial Film below:

Some of the initiatives proposed and being worked upon –

- Worldwide Bhagavata Saptahas

- Worldwide Hari-katha Festivals

- Worldwide Book Distribution

- Worldwide Harinama Sankirtana

- Worldwide Prasadam Distribution

- Worldwide ‘Srila Gurudeva Memories’ Festivals

- A systematically organised archive of Srila Gurudeva’s 10000+ lectures [Audio Seva Team]

- Pandal Programs dedicated to spreading Srila Gurudeva’s unique contributions at prominent cities across India (2021)

- Rupa Goswami Conference and Dhama Parikramas at a grander scale (2021)

- A Drama based on Srila Gurudeva’s life

- A short film dedicated to Srila Gurudeva’s unique contribution

- An entry level and intermediate level course around Srila Gurudeva’s teachings

- Grand Vyasa Puja celebrations in India and prominent centers across the world (2021)

- Special 5 day festivals before Navadvipa and Vrindavana Dhama Parikramas (2021)

- Many new publication releases: Srila Gurudeva’s Coffee Table Book by Sriman Madhuvrata Dasa (UK), Art of Spiritual Life book by Srimati Syamarani Didi (Alachua), Illustrated Vraja Mandala Parikrama Book (Russian) by Sriman Mahesvar Das (Moscow), Gita – Eternal Happiness Decoded by Sriman Gokulcandra Dasa (Vrndavana) and more

- Many country wide preaching initiatives

- Outreach Preaching: Prison Program, Village Preaching and University Preaching


Srila Gurudeva Sri Srimad Bhaktivedanta Narayana Gosvami Maharaja
Srila Gurudeva Sri Srimad Bhaktivedanta Narayana Gosvami Maharaja

For all the affection he showered;

For all the teachings he imparted;

For all the loving chastisements he meted;

For all the stone-like hearts he melted;

And for the one-pointed greed for Radha-dasyam.

We can never really repay him, however out of his own munificence; Srila Gurudeva will be easily pleased even with our feeble attempts to offer him something as a token of loving gratitude.

Let's come together with our own very special and unique tributes, collaborate and inspire one another to make the centennial year a time of celebration, remembrance and service to his mission. Each one of us is uniquely touched by Srila Gurudeva. Each of us has stories to tell, insights to share and devotional sentiments to churn. Let this year, let the centennial year, be historic. Let it enter the annals of Vaisnava culture as a most memorable and joyful celebration of a truly unique rasika bhakta, our beloved Srila Gurudeva and Prayojana Acarya, Sri Srila Bhaktivendata Narayana Gosvami Maharaja.  

A core team has been set up to facilitate global coordination – to support and collaborate with various devotees – individuals or groups – to make their respective offerings for the centennial. Team India has also been set up which will oversee all the events and services to be organized in India and likewise there are country specific teams [UK, US, RUSSIA etc.] and region specific teams [EUROPE, SOUTH AMERICA, NORTH AMERICA, ASIA etc.] in the process of being formed. Devotees are encouraged to get together to discuss and crystalize initiatives they intend to take up in their respective countries/regions.

The centennial core team will cover all the initiatives planned and undertaken around the globe on the centennial website and Facebook and relevant social media. The initiatives dedicated for the centennial have already begun [e.g. There will be Bhagavata Saptahs conducted by many preachers in 108 locations around the world beginning this month] and they will continue till the end of 2021.

Please inform us about your initiatives – as individuals or as groups - and we will have them published so that everyone gets to know what all is happening under the centennial banner. Also write to us if you wish to serve in any capacity towards any of the initiatives mentioned above.

Share your inspirations to serve together on our website  or WhatsApp on +91-87554 65633. Join us on Facebook: FB/2021centennial

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