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Outreach Program - Ghar Ghar Gurudev

Outreach program (Delhi - East, I.P Extn) for Centennial

From Shashank Gupta: "Inspired by the initiative "GHAR GHAR GURUDEV" launched by Janakpuri (Delhi) matha, we have pledged to organize 100 house programs before Feb 11, 2021 within our locality, wherein we will try to glorify Srila Gurudev and put Gurudev in every one's heart. Sharing, Glimpse of our first House Program under an initiative "Ghar Ghar Gurudev".

"Special thanks to HG Radhanath Prabhu, HG Kishori Mohan Prabhu & HG Sudevi didi (for guidance and support), Bharamcaris from Faridabad Matha. Thanks to GVP (Vasanti didi, Anita didi and Manju didi) for providing sponsored Hindi books for distribution.

We distributed 38 Hindi small books during the first such program and 380 at two other recent programs in the past month". (Some photos attached)

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