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108 Bhagavat Saptahas Worldwide

As a part of the many initiatives planned for the centennial, it was proposed that Srimad Bhagavata Saptahas be organized at 108 distinct locations around the world as an offering to our two stalwart rupanuga acaryas. 

Few saptahs have already been successfully completed and the goal would be to cover 108 distinct locations by the end of 2021. One distinct feature about these saptahs would that the speakers will spontaneously speak on the glories of Śrīla Gurudeva [Bhakta Bhagavata] besides covering topics from the Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam [Grantha Bhagavata]. There will be organized book distribution setup and awareness generated around the centennial celebrations by encouraging the audience to join our Facebook page and visit the centennial website to know more about other amazing initiatives and seva opportunities. Moreover, a portion from the proceeds generated from the saptahas will go towards covering the various expenses on the Centennial.

The list of the proposed speakers

1. Sripad BV Tirtha Maharaja

2. Sripad BV Vana Maharaja

3. Sripad BV Sridhara Maharaja

4. Sripad BV Siddhanti Maharaja

5. Sripad BV Vishnu Maharaja

6. Sripad Vamsi Vadana Prabhu

7. Sripad Radhanatha prabhu

8. Sripad Ramachandra prabhu

Poonam Didi from India has been appointed as the chief co-ordinator for this initiative. While all the requisite communication and branding material like backdrops, posters or flyers will be provided by the Centennial Team’s creative co-ordinators – Ambarisa Dasa and Lavanga Manjari Dasi. The template design is ready with dedication and Centennial branding, it will be personalized as per the requirement of the speakers.

The schedule for all the upcoming kathas will be communicated to the Chief Co-ordinator and the Centennial Team so that all the requirements are fulfilled in advance and the kathas are promoted on the social media.

A report for each saptaha will be prepared in terms of number of books distributed and overall attendance with photos references.

Anyone desirous of organizing a Bhagavata Saptaha in their vicinity can contact us on

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