Initiatives Worldwide for the Centennial

The Centennial is an opportunity not only to serve Srila Gurudeva but all his loving followers. Team Centennial has a two-fold objective: to create a support system for the devotees and to lay the foundation to preserve and propagate Srila Gurudeva’s legacy. 

Below are the different initiatives by individuals, groups, congregations as well as Team Centennial, categorised below as:

1. Community Support

2. Preserve

3. Propagate




An online support structure that covers a broad spectrum of initiatives – networking, spiritual counselling, orientation seminars, training seminars, study groups and so on. 

Community Support



Initiatives to

protect and preserve 

Srila Gurudeva's legacy




Initiatives to propagate Srila Gurudeva’s teachings far and wide using a mix of traditional and innovative strategies.