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The Objective

The Centennial is an opportunity not only to serve Srila Gurudeva but all his loving followers.


Team Centennial has a two-fold objective: to create a support system for the devotees and to lay the foundation to preserve and propagate Srila Gurudeva’s legacy. 

Team Centennial will generate awareness and appreciation for different seva initiatives undertaken worldwide, whether by individuals or groups, and facilitate them through global collaboration. In other words, all the initiatives needing inputs of any kind – marketing, strategic, creative, legal, financial, manpower, and so on – will be shared on social media and IPBYS network so that devotees with the requisite capabilities can extend themselves, as per their inspiration and availability. 

Initiatives to protect and preserve Srila Gurudeva's legacy

Kartika 2020 with Srila Gurudeva!

A Diwali Surprise from Team Centennial

Srila Gurudev HariKatha Group

Gurudeva Memories - A Weekly Remembrance Program

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Initiatives to propagate Srila Gurudeva’s teachings far and wide using a mix of traditional and innovative strategies. 

Centennial Worldwide

Slokas Recited by Vaisnava Youth from around the World

Outreach Program - Ghar Ghar Gurudev


An Opportunity to Learn Vedanta Sutra with Prakashatma Prabhu

An online support structure that covers a broad spectrum of initiatives – networking, spiritual counselling, orientation seminars, training seminars, study groups and so on. - Offerings for 100th Vyasa Puja

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Jaiva Dharma e-Learning Website


IPBYS Network

An Offering of a Heart. An Offering of a Lifetime

Many initiatives are being planned around the world as a loving offering to Srila Gurudeva. Tell us if you are inspired to contribute individually or wish to be a part of an existing initiative. Team Centennial is here to  support you. Please fill in your details below and we'll get in touch with you soon. 

Seva Opportunities

Video Editing | Subtitling | Providing Quotes from Audios or videos

PROJECT: Srila Gurudeva’s Hari-kathamrita-bindu

This service entails hearing allotted lectures and identify 2-3 minuter sections that independently convey a message, an instructive story or any tattva siddhanta or description of a pastime on a range of topics like jiva tattva, sadhu sanga, vaisnava aparadha, raganuga bhakti, guru seva, grhastha asrama, techniques of chanting and so on. These sections will then be given appropriate titles and launched as videos on Facebook and YouTube as an on-going Hari-kathamrita-bindu series. 

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